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Dry Enzyme Powder


Gunsaeng Hyoso is a fermented grain supplement that provides balanced nutrition and improves your digestive system.  It contains digestive enzymes to minimize the strain of the digestive organs during the digestion process, keeping your gut healthy and happy.

Enhanced gut health - Enriched with microbiomes to feed the beneficial bacteria that reside in your gut to promote a healthy gut.


Improve digestive health - Contains digestive enzymes that helps digestion and aids in nutrient absorption.  It also provides balanced nutrition and boosts immune system. ​


​Healthy weight - A balanced nutrition from 20 natural ingredients makes positive changes to your gut microbiome, including increased levels of beneficial bacteria associated with facilitating bowel movement.


​Antioxidant-rich - Through fermentation, good ingredients are maximized and more antioxidants are created than raw materials which helps your body neutralize toxins and promote healthy, clear, youthful skin.

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