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5 yrs. femented enzyme drink


Manna Goldup is a superfood supplement made of 37 kinds of fruits, vegetables, mushroom and seaweed that have undergone a fermentation and aging process of 5 years.


You can enjoy it as a daily supplement, juice cleanse, and/or meal substitute when fasting. It restores your digestive system and revitalizes microbiome health.

Enhanced gut health - Our unique fermentation process creates rich microbiomes to feed the beneficial bacteria that reside in your gut to promote a healthy gut.

Improved blood cholesterol - Plant-based nutrients with indigestible-maltodextrin helps to control blood cholesterol levels and to suppresses postprandial blood sugar rise.

Boost immune system -  Since the gut stores about 70 percent of the body's immune cells, consuming balanced plant-nutrients is one of the biggest factors to keep a healthy gut and boost immunity.

Healthy weight - High amounts of fiber make positive changes to your gut microbiome, including reducing fat mass and increasing levels of beneficial bacteria associated with facilitating bowel movement.

Antioxidant-rich - Through fermentation, good ingredients are maximized and more antioxidants are created than raw materials which helps your body neutralize toxins and promote healthy, clear, youthful skin.

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